Spreading Islamic Messages through Taxis

تفاصيل عن الفكرة

This idea has not been tried yet but In sha Allah, will be worth implementing. We see taxi drivers especially our Muslim drivers in India who put on display models of K'abah, Masjide Nabawi and some even placing models of Dargahs and items of Shirk in their taxis. The plan can be executed in the sense that short powerful Islamic messages can be printed on important topics like Tawheed, virtues of Prophet S.A.W and some messages asking them to for example "Study Islam from its right sources and not the media" and "Read the Qur'an: A message from the Creator to His creation." All such messages can be stuck up inside the taxis in bold, a good font size, which many Muslim drivers will volunteer to help stick in their taxis. And along with it, the Muslim drivers should also be reminded of their responsibility of doing Dawah. This idea will help the message of Islam reach the 1000s of passengers who will ferry using these taxis In sha Allah


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