Giving #ExMuslim hope to revert to Islam

Giving #ExMuslim hope to revert to Islam

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There are two hash tags trending lately due to various reasons. #ExMuslim #ExMuslimBecause mainly to encourage #ExMuslim to speak out and denounce thier faith. Some are using this trend for thier own agenda: inciting racisim, Islamophobia, bigotry and hatred against Islam. While some defend the ideas of secularism and free speech. However, the focus of this Idea is to address the individuals who genuinely left Islam and to give them hope and a chance to return to the faith. By encouraging them to have an open and candid dialog with each to clarify the many misconceptions about Islam that lead them to that stage. Because if you analyze most of the #ExMuslimBecause you will find that most of them are misconceptions and misinterpretation of the Deen. How we accomplish this Creating a counter hash tag trend #ComeBack for example Or reaching out to these individuals through social media and either invite them to have a Or have a dialogue directly Or there might be better ways to do that.

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Many thanks sisters Rania and Noura
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Ya I completely agree with both of you. It is very important to give support and courage to those new Muslims and help them feel the peace in Islam hold tight on their faith, and not fear from all the misleading massages that are spreading around them
noura s

Wonderful! It's known that most of new converted people to Islam get lost alone and find it hard to practice totally new things in their lives which lead them to leave Islam in one year after converting. Guidance is really important for them. I've seen many hashtags against Islam and Muslims which make new Muslims doubt their religion. We should not waste our time answering back those who stand against Islam, but what we should do is like what you suggested, taking care of those new Muslims and telling them we are here beside you whenever you felt lost, and encouraging non-Muslims to talk through edialogueC about all their suspicions. Thank you.

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