Safe search engine for Duaats and new muslims

Safe search engine for Duaats and new muslims

​On the internet, one can find many deviant ideas coming from heretical groups, whose websites claim to represent 'REAL ISLAM'. If one is not careful, a simple google search regarding Islamic ideas, can divert ones research intro these groups.Examples :I have noticed that there are a lot of websites of Shia, using the title of islam like : al-islam [dot] org;Typing 'duaa laylatulqadr' would give you in the second position duas [dot] org​As well as Qadiyanis، or anti-islamic websites like : wikiislam [dot] net;And the main problem to this is that they are well referenced in Google.My idea is that If compiled, this can permit to create a black list of websites that (new) Muslims and Duaats should avoid; and if we have a trustworthy list of websites, we can create a search engine platform based on Google filters, that searches only on reliable and safe websites (like the concept used by
As the implementation of this idea is easy, I need your opinions and your thoughts about a such classification.PS: The mentioned websites should be hidden, they are just giving as an exemple to show how crucial is the situation, because I'm sure that the majority of Duaats have met these websites before.

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