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غير المسلمين

Purchase and give away Islamic books,tapes and cds as prizes in general knowledge quiz competitions for certain categories of knowledge like science or particular categories of people like high school students.

الأخلاق أساس كل شئ

ترجمة الخطب و الدروس بالمسجد النبوي و المسجد الحرام

رانيا محمد العلي

Ya, Jazaky Allah khaira sister Nesma. It is a great idea ma shaallah. Here in Uk in many mosques they make quizes, competitions between time and time, and that include non Muslims as well as new Muslims. If they could spread these books, CDs and everything else that officially printed from ( corner conversation) site that would be great and exciting too Barak Allah fekum
noura s

Thank you sister for this suggestion. We can provide many centers with the Islamic educating books and they can give it for those who are interested.
nesma essam

Yes i think so

Jazakum Allahu khairan sister Nesma. This reminds me of the "Quiz nights" in which teams compete in answering questions in an a relaxed and joyful way. People like competition and prizes. Where do you think it is best to do these quizzes? In the West?

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