Dawah in 3D chat programs

Dawah in 3D chat programs

الجامعات والمدارس

These kind of programs contain many people from all around the world and sometimes avatars talks together about religions or there many who have questions about islam but the muslim they ask in the chat room or land is not qualified to answer them, so how about having land or room for dawah in such programs like IMVU or Secondlife

دليل/كتيب يضم أرقام دعاة الجاليات في السعودية

إنشاء تطبيق "اكفلني" لكفالة يتيم أو داعية أو غيره

رانيا محمد العلي

That would be a great idea my sister Manar, especially with the wide spread of these kind of chat rooms and a huge amount of people joining them Barak Allah fekekum
noura s

Good suggestion. People usually like to talk, ask and discuss. So a chatroom which tackles a specific subject from time to time would be a civilized way of debates or conversations. Thank you

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